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Only one provider can bill for Chronic Care Management (CCM) services for each Medicare patient.

If you don't enroll your patients, another provider will!

Why use MediCCM?

Continuity of care.

Get rid of that excel spreadsheet. Immediately organize, engage, and track non-face-to-face care with our out-of-the-box chronic care management platform.

Make better decisions.

Bring all your chronic care management data together and get the insights you need to make faster, smarter decisions before a chronic condition gets out of hand.

Maximize revenue.

Utilize your entire team, generate monthly reports automatically, and grow your patient base without adding more overhead.

Get help anytime.

Use your time to help your patients. Let us take care of any chronic care issues with our 24/7 phone and email support.

Capture revenue for services you are already providing.

It is estimated that a practice with 3,000 patients should have 300-400 qualifying CCM patients.

This could generate up to $192,000 in additional revenue annually, primarily utilizing nurses and other clinical support staff.

Most EMR systems do not satisfy the requirements to bill for CCM.

Not only do we satisfy the requirements, we also make it easy. We seamlessly document time spent,

create and update care plans, and supplement your EMR to help you meet all the

criteria required for billing code 99490.

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ccm patients       $    =    $ 14,000 / month
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Simple pricing makes for a simple life

Basic Plan

Small Doctor Practices


per patient enrolled per month


per billable practitioner per month

  • Unlimited patients
  • Setup and initial training
    • Assistance in bulk data transfer
    • Training videos available on demand
    • Live webinars for group training
  • Phone and email support
    • Support tab on each page with built-in screenshot ability to report problems
  • Billing reports for Medicare
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Enterprise Plan

Best Value for Physician Groups

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  • Unimited patients
  • Setup and initial training
    • Assistance in bulk data transfer
    • Training videos available on demand
    • Live webinars for group training
  • Phone and email support
    • Support tab on each page with built-in screenshot ability to report problems
  • Billing reports for Medicare
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As of 2015, Medicare pays for non-face-to-face services for Chronic Care Management (CCM). The regulation proposes the following criteria:

$42 per patient

non-face-to-face care management

20 minutes

non-face-to-face chronic care services

Medicare patients

with 2 or more chronic conditions
Chronic care management

Only one practitioner

can bill per month (per CPT and Medicare instructions)

Billed Monthly

at the end of every month

Transitional Care Management

and other overlapping care management services cannot be billed during the same service period

Programs designed for any size Practice

  • Increase patient satisfaction
  • Improve patient outcomes
  • Immediately increase revenue with your monthly Medicare billing
  • Generate revenue with non-revenue generating clinical employees
  • No equipment to purchase with our cloud-based software. Use your current PC, Mac, tablet, or mobile phone
  • Automated Medicare-ready billing reports, compliance reports and audit trails for your billing department.

Simple as 1, 2, 3

Step 1 – Enroll/Register patients

Staff and Eligible Professionals work together to complete the enrollment process in a visit setting

  • Electronic enrollment process – All necessary documents and signatures, including care plan, can be completed either via tablet or on paper, with copies printed for the patient to take home
  • Analytics tracking – If the patient has a wearable fitness tracker then connecting tracking data can be set up in the office in about a minute. Options include blood pressure, weight, heart rate, steps, and sleep for the following brands: iHealth, Withings, & Fitbit
    • Nothing to install in the home
    • Simple to use, no portals or passwords to remember
    • Data is reported directly to the MediCCM software portal
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Step 2 – Monitor patients

Early intervention reduces hospitalizations and improves outcomes

  • Dashboard is designed and color coded, to track time and optimize population management for non face-to-face visits
  • Optimize current clinical staff workflow with initial contacts made by nurses and MAs and referrals to EPs as needed
  • One click to view more detailed info on wearables
  • Individualized care plan is available for viewing, updating, or sharing
  • Data can be managed via app or web interface
  • All documents & care plans archived in a PDF library

Step 3 – Streamline compliance and reimbursement

MediCCM automatically captures time, prepares billing reports and creates audit trails, minimizing potential for medicare chargebacks

  • Eliminates manual tracking
  • Consolidates time tracking from multiple eligible providers & clinical staff
  • Provides a monthly billing report for your billing department
  • Creates an audit trail including all elements required by CMS

Simplest Solution for Chronic Care

Improve patient care and create renewable revenue

Call or email for demo or questions

Let us show you how this works

If you would like a demonstration of how MediCCM would benefit your practice, let us know how to reach you
and we'll setup an online presentation at your convenience. Or if you prefer, please give us a call.

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