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Continuity of care

Get rid of that Excel spreadsheet. Immediately organize, engage, and track non-face-to-face care with our out-of-the-box chronic care management platform.

Make better decisions

Bring all your chronic care management data together and get the insights you need to make faster, smarter decisions before a chronic condition gets out of hand.

Maximize revenue

Utilize your entire team, generate monthly reports automatically, and grow your patient base without adding more overhead.

Get help anytime

Use your time to help your patients. Let us take care of any chronic care issues with our 24/7 phone and email support.

Capture revenue for services you are already providing.

It is estimated that a practice with 3,000 patients should have 300-400 qualifying CCM patients. This could generate up to $192,000 in additional revenue annually, primarily utilizing nurses and other clinical support staff.

Most EMR systems do not satisfy the requirements to bill for CCM.

Not only do we satisfy the requirements, we also make it easy. We seamlessly document time spent, create and update care plans, and supplement your EMR to help you meet all the criteria required for billing code 99490.

Revenue Calculator

CCM Patients X $= $16800/month
Advanced Calculator

Medicare pays for non-face-to-face services for Chronic Care Management (CCM)

The regulation proposes the following criteria:

$42 per patient
non-face-to-face care management

20 minutes
non-face-to-face chronic care services

Medicare patients
with 2 or more chronic conditions

ACP Toolkit

Only one practitioner
can bill per month (per CPT and Medicare instructions)

Billed Monthly
at the end of every month

Transitional Care Management
and other overlapping services cannot be billed in the same period

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